Youth Golf Camps

2017 Youth Golf Camps

The Northbrook Golf Academy (NGA) Golf Camp Program, under the direction of Michael Wenzel, an award-winning Junior Golf Leader, U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher, and Golf Digest “Best Teachers in State” offers many opportunities for boys and girls to learn and improve their games. The program focuses on skills development and individual progression through each level with designated benchmarks to achieve. Our instructors utilize high-speed video as well as club delivery and launch monitor data from TrackMan to offer the area’s best golf instruction.  The Academy’s one-week camps focus on skills application, course management, rules and etiquette. Each camp includes prizes, a participation gift, and a fun experience. A low student-to-coach ratio enhances the learning process, and allows our PGA Professionals to provide your child with the personal attention they deserve.  

Camp Level 1 (Ages 5-7)L1 Camp

Explore the game of golf for the first time, learning basic skills through fun games. A step-by-step process focuses on fundamentals and skills with daily on-course play. 

Min/Max: 6/10      Loc: Sportsman’s/Anets      Residents $149/NR $189


Day Time Dates Classes Class Code
M-Th 8:45am-10:15am 6/12 – 6/15 4   19994
M-Th 10:30am-12pm 6/12 – 6/15 4   19999
M-Th 9am-10:30am 7/31 – 8/3 4 20000
M-Th 9am-10:30am 8/7-8/10 4 20001

sportsmans1Camp Level 2 (Ages 7-9)

Golfers continue to explore how fun the game truly is while improving basic strokes. Students learn about rules, etiquette and safety while playing on-course at Anets and utilize the practice areas at Sportsman’s.

Min/Max: 6/12     Loc: Sportsman’s/Anets     Residents $350/NR $439

Day Time Dates Classes Class Code
M-F 9am-12pm 6/12-6/16 5 19995
M-F 9am-12pm 6/19-6/23 5 20559
M-F 9am-12pm 7/10-7/14 5 20611
M-F 9am-12pm 7/24-7/28 5 20612
M-F 9am-12pm 7/31-8/4 5 20614
M-F 9am-12pm 8/7-8/11 5 20621


Camp Level 3 (Ages 9-12)

Players learn how to manage the course strategically, while enhancing fundamentals and shot-making skills. Structured practices incorporate skills challenges and competitions to develop skills under pressure. Video swing analysisGolf_Camp_031 and TrackMan system technologies assist instruction. Lunch is included.

Min/Max: 8/16    Loc: Sportsman’s/Anets     Residents $425/NR $535

Day Time Dates Classes Class Code
M-F 9-2pm 6/12-6/16 5 19996
M-F 9-2pm 6/19-6/23 5 20622
M-F 9-2pm 7/10-7/14 5 20623
M-F 9-2pm 7/17-7/21 5 20624
M-F 9-2pm 7/24-7/28 5 20625
M-F 9-2pm 7/31-8/4 5 20626
M-F 9-2pm 8/7-8/11 5 20627

Camp Level 4A (Advanced, Ages 12-14)SCC_Camp_Range_6_13 015

Players develop the skills needed to play competitive golf. Our tournament experienced staff will cover advanced short game and full swing techniques, as well as course management, green reading, pre-shot routines, shot selection, mental strategies, practice and scoring techniques. Players will experience daily on-course play and instruction on all of the courses Sportsman’s has to offer.

Players will learn self-reflection techniques to improve future performance. In addition, our TrackMan system and video technologies will assist with analyzing  students’ swings and equipment. Players will take part in fun competitions and skills challenges throughout the week. Lunch is included.

Min/Max: 8/14     Loc: Sportsman’s/Anets     Residents $499/NR $625

Day Time Dates Classes Class Code
M-F 9-3 6/12-6/16 5 19997
M-F 9-3 6/26-6/30 5 20633
M-F 9-3 7/17-7/21 5 20634
M-F 9-3 7/24-7/28 5 20635
M-F 9-3 7/31-8/4 5 20636

Camp Level 4B (Beginner, Ages 12-14)

Beginner to intermediate level players learn what it takes to play golf recreationally.  Players will focus on full swing, short game, and on-course shot selection and techniques. Players will learn how to get the most out of their game and develop the skills to play with confidence. Lunch is included.
Min/Max 8/12  Loc:Sportsman’s/Anets  Residents $425/NR $535
Day Time Dates Classes Class Code
M-F 9-2pm 6/19-6/23 5 19998
M-F 9-2pm 6/26-6/30 5 20629
M-F 9-2pm 7/10-7/14 5 20630
M-F 9-2pm 7/17-7/21 5 20631
M-F 9-2pm 8/7-8/11 5 20632

Program Registration

Register for golf clinics and camps online by selecting the link below for access.

Early registration fee, sign up by March 14 and receive 10% off. 

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